Thursday, 15 January 2009

vInternals Launches vIdiot Program!

Funny thing, nature. As the Tao te Ching says, "when beauty is abstracted, then ugliness has been implied." That is, for something to be considered "beautiful", there must be something else considered "ugly". And so too, there cannot be a "vExpert" without a "vIdiot".

So we here at vinternals have taken it upon ourselves once again to be the Yin to VMware's Yang, and commenced nominations for the inaugural vIdiot award. The nomination process itself is pretty straight forward. Simply find a dumbarse quote from someone who is among the un-enlightened, and forward it along with a link to the source. Here are some examples:

Can anyone tell me how VMware keep saying that they are using Para metal Virtualization and overcommiting at the same time?!!! - Mohamed Fawzi

In the case of unplanned downtime, VMotion can’t live migrate because there is no warning. - Jeff Woolsey

We’re designing Windows Server virtualization to scale up to 64 processors, which I’m proud to say is something no other vendor’s product supports. We are also providing a much more dynamic VM environment with hot-add of processors, memory, disk and networking as well a greater scalability with more SMP support and memory. - Mike Neil (talking up what will be in Hyper-V 1.0 one month before they chopped everything)

We know you don't get it. That's fine. Chin up, and do please keep writing. - Simon Crosby (directed at Mike D)

You’ve got to question whether it’s worth paying $50,000 for that. I know the VMware camp go on about features like VMotion, but for $50,000 I could pay someone to move my virtual machines for me. - David Furey

I probably burned a few bridges just now. Oh well, so I'll never be an MVP, sif care. But a vExpert I could be, with some help from you! So if you value a balanced view, mixed humour and deep tech, and thoughts on the future just as much as the pure technical info that appears more regularly on other sites (like those listed in the "linkage" section down the right there) get on over to the nomination page and do me proud. Anyone who mails me on vinternals at gmail dot com can find out my name. Shameless? Don't know the meaning of the word ;)

Send your vIdiot entries to vinternals at gmail dot com, entries will close on February 13th and results posted around the end of Feb!

UPDATE Woops, looks like a few of us got it wrong with the nomination process. So I've struck out the shameless plea for nominations as I've already had at least one!