Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Shanklin Elevated From "Demigod" to "FullGod"... Film at 11.

After having a look around the new VI Toolkit release today, and the accompanying videos and documentation, I am convinced Carter will be hailed as a new God by VI admins the world over. I mean, even Boche has stated this release may be enough to move his lazy ass into finally learning the ways of the 'Shell (I've been at him for ages about this, but alas he just ignores me).

I sooooo want to show the VI Java API some love (which was quietly updated to 1.0U1 only days ago), but with Windows Server 2008 R2 Core finally providing .net support, I'm more likely to wrap PowerShell scripts up in webservices for interop purposes than get dirty with Java (and that's no reflection on the quality of what Steve Jin has done, which is top class).

Massive props to Carter and his team. With tools like this, I don't give a fuck if vCenter or anything else becomes Linux based. Lets hope vCenter Orchestrator has native PowerShell support.