Thursday, 4 December 2008

ThinApp Blog - would you like a glass of water to help swallow that foot?

I'm going to try and resist the urge to make this post another 'effenheimer' (as Mr Boche might say :-) but my mind boggles as to WTF the ThinApp team were thinking when they made this post. Way to call out a major shortcoming of your own product guys! To be honest, I'm completely amazed that VMware don't support their own client as a ThinApp Package. Say what you will about Microsoft, but you gotta respect their 'eat our own dogfood' mentality. To my knowledge, if you encounter an issue with any Microsoft client based app that is delivered via App-V, they will support you to the hilt.

Now that i've passed the Planet v12n summary wordcount, I can give in to my temptation and start dropping the F bombs, because I'm mad. The VI client is a fairly typical .NET based app. If VMware themselves don't support ThinApp'ing it, how the fuck do they expect other ISV's with .NET based products to support ThinApp'ing their apps? Imagine if VMware said that running vCenter in a guest wasn't supported - what kind of message would that send about machine virtualisation! Adding to the embarrassment, it seems that ThinApp'ing the .NET Framework itself is no dramas!!!

It's laughable that a company would spend so much time and money on marketing efforts like renaming products mid-lifecycle, but let stuff like this slip by the wayside. Let's hope this is fixed for the next version of VI.