Saturday, 13 December 2008

Check out Martin Ingram on DABCC...

While I'm a little insulted that Martin didn't tell me he is now contributing to Doug Brown's excellent site (j/k Martin :-), he is and you should keep an eye out for his posts.

Martin is Strategy VP for AppSense. I and others have been saying for a while that user environment virtualisation is the final piece of the virtualisation pie to fully realise statelessness, and let me tell you now there is no better product on the market for this than Environment Manager. No I'm not getting paid to write this, but in the name of responsible disclosure I will say we have a long standing and excellent relationship with AppSense at the place I work. We have stacked them up against their competitors many times over the years and on the technical / feature side they have blown the competition away every time. They are the VMware of the user environment virtualisation space.

So welcome to the blogosphere Martin, and to make up for you not telling me about the blogging I'll be expecting a ticket to get onboard the AppSense yacht at VMworld Europe 2009 :-D. And while I'm here, shout outs to Sheps and 6 figures at AppSense.