Thursday, 7 August 2008

Download statelesx 1.0.0 now!

A big thanks to all those who responded with offers of help for the hosting, the first of who was Dan Milisic over at DesktopECHO who of course has an appliance of his own! Jeff O'Connor from VMware Australia was hot on his heels with some bandwidth too, thanks for that mate :-)

Hit the download links over on the right, the details you need to know for the appliance are:

md5sum: 4e3c8b29d2069ff52afe97b910451595
IP Address: DHCP
Root password: root
Statelesx Web Interface: http://[IP address of appliance]/statelesxWI
statelesxWI username: statelesx
statelesxWI password: statelesx

Please send all bug reports / feature requests to, and for anyone in London lookout for us at the next VMware User Group meeting on August 14th!