Friday, 1 April 2011

New Year, New Job!

It is with great relief that I can finally tell you all the real reason things have been so quiet around here of late, and why you haven't seen much action on the @vinternals Twitter account either - I've been buried in documentation and labs in preparation for my new role, which I am starting today!

Many of the big vendors, especially EMC, have been snapping up people from the blogging community over the past year or so, and I always said to myself that I wouldn't tie myself to a single vendor but sometimes opportunities come along that are just too good to pass up. And earlier this year, one of those opportunities came my way, and I grabbed it with both hands. So starting today, I will be the new Cloud Technical Evangelist (EMEA) for... Microsoft!

Yes I know it's hard to believe, but Hyper-V has been making great advancements over the past few years, and when you dig deeper into the technology it clearly is superior - Microsoft's main problem has been a complete lack of evangelists on the level of Epping, Denneman, Gray or Laverick and so the level of technical detail in the public domain has been admittedly a little light. I mean try searching for information about the Windows scheduler on the level of something like this from Denneman - it's just not there. The funny thing is, as I was not an employee until today I too didn't have access to any internal Microsoft documentation, but I just _know_ that the deep technical information is there somewhere, to finally prove that Microsoft products absolutely kick the shit out of anything VMware could ever produce. My job will be primarily to spread that technical information, and show how innovative features like Dynamic Memory, Live Migration,... well I'm sure there are others, oh yeh just Cloud in general like I have seen on all those TV ads... well my job is to really show them off to the world and win customers over from VMware platforms. I mean no one is really happy paying the VMware tax, are they! Consolidating tax down to a single company makes great business sense, and in any case Hyper-V is FREE!!!

So I hope you all continue to read my blog and follow me on Twitter, these are going to be interesting times!

UPDATE: I've been wanting to do this April Fools post for years, finally I remembered :). Hope you all got a laugh!