Monday, 11 February 2008

Thanks Mike :-)

Thanks Mike for the nice linkup from RTFM-ed (as if I even needed to link that :-).

I've got my head down currently working on a little state management app that I hope to work into the PXE boot stuff, I'll have to knuckle down even more now!

I know it's kind of old now, but any Windows ppl interested in automating VI3 operations should check out the VI PowerShell toolkit. PowerShell provides a really nice abstraction layer between a GUI and the underlying infrastructure, it's no wonder Microsoft are laying all their new management consoles on top of it. We can only hope VMware follow a similar track... it would be great to have PowerShell cmdlets for the new remote CLI for example. Having little 'export as powershell' button at the end of the VirtualCenter GUI wizards would be a nice touch too!