Monday, 7 January 2008

VirtualCenter Install Video, with Database Setup

In this video I show a semi-distributed VirtualCenter install (ie database is not local) using the command in the earlier post, and go through the database setup as well. I am by no means a DBA, so no doubt there is more that can be done to tune the database than what I show in the video. What I am however is an infrastructure guy, so the database is setup with minimal permissions on the Windows side and (I think) fairly minimal on the SQL side.

I may add a voice over at some point, but until then you can get the drift of what I might draw attention to in a commentary by way of my mouse movements. The database creation and permissioning can of course be scripted, and the last bits of what I do can be completely automated using sc and ntrights, but I thought I'd show it manually for some extra learning goodness. Enjoy!

NOTE: I'm really sorry - I'm still searching for somewhere I can host this video in a reasonable resolution for instructional video! If I don't find somewhere soon, I'll re-record the video and use a magnification tool on the relevant sections of the screen.